Evaluation Templates

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Evaluation Templates can be bulk applied to an entire class or group of students. To create a template, click on the "Evaluation Template" tab above your class list page.

Creating a Template

  • From your class list, select the "Evaluation Template" Tab
  • Your first Evaluation Template form will appear.
  • Provide a clear title for this template, such as "12 Credit Option," or "Full Credit."
  • Fill in all three elements of your template: the Description, Evaluation (could just be "written by" on the top), and Credit Equivalencies.
  • Don't create separate templates for each element, this will be confusing and hard to apply to groups of students
  • Save your template by hitting Save at the bottom of the screen

Applying Templates

  • To apply a template you must have at least one created using the steps outlined above
  • From your class list, begin checking boxes next to the names of the students you wish to apply a specific template to
  • Once you've selected the students, select the template name from the drop down menu located at the bottom of the class list
  • Select whether you wish to apply all of the template or merely parts of it by using the check boxes.
  • Select "Replace for Selected Students" to apply the template

Video: How to Create and Apply Evaluation Templates