Add Zoom to Your Canvas Course navigation

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You can edit and reorganize your Canvas site's Course Navigation menu to show or hide navigation links to/from students.

To make a navigation link, such as Zoom, available in the Course Navigation Menu:

  • click Settings at bottom of the Course Navigation (the Course Navigation menu is at left and starts with "Home" at top)
  • at the next page, click Navigation (along top-middle of the page)
  • at the Navigation page:
    • use the top section to share navigation links you would like students to see and be able to access
    • use the bottom section to hide navigation links from students
  • click and drag navigation links to move them from the bottom section to top section
  • or click the column of 3 dots (to right of the navigation link name) to move the link
  • when finished, click the blue Save button at bottom of the page

How-To Video for Evergreen Faculty:

Make Zoom available in Course Navigation (2 minutes)

Illustrated Canvas guide:

How do I manage Course Navigation links?

Questions? Please contact Academic Technologies for assistance.