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'''Related pages'''
'''Related pages'''
*[[Canvas for Students]]
*[[Canvas for Students]]
{{Canvas Guide Topics}}
{{Canvas Guide Topics}}
{{Canvas Help}}
{{Canvas Help}}

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Help for Faculty and Staff

As of May 2014, The Evergreen State College is transitioning to using Canvas as our primary Learning Management System. See below for details, help, and how-to resources.

Canvas at Evergreen

What is Canvas? Course access and enrollment. Migrating content from Moodle.

Technical Requirements for Using Canvas

Supported Internet browsers and needed plugins. Canvas on mobile devices (Android, iOS).

Designing Your Canvas Course

Creating a Home page. Adding files, links, and media content. Publishing your course.

Communicating in Canvas

Using Announcements, Conversations, Discussions, the Calendar, and Scheduler.

Feedback and Media Tools

Using the Rich Text Editor and Media Content tool to provide feedback in audio or video format.

Assignments and Grading in Canvas

Creating and managing assignments. Using the Gradebook and SpeedGrader.

Rubrics and Outcomes

Use these assessment tools to communicate instructional objectives and achievement expectations.


Create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Set up question banks.

Translating Moodle to Canvas

Learn about the differences and similarities between the two systems.