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Using WordPress plugins it's easy to embed audio files into your site.

If you host your file at Evergreen?

Simply use the Add Media button when editing your post or page and upload your audio file and Insert into post. This will automatically create an embedded audio player with transport controls to play/pause your audio track.

Using Haiku

Haiku a minimalist audio player and perfect if all you will be hosting is mp3s and you don't want to fuss around with complicated short code. Once you've activated the plugin:

  • Use the shortcode to play an audio file.
[haiku url="http://example.com/file.mp3" oga="http://example.com/file.ogg" title="Title of audio file"]
  • Use the full URL of the audio file unless you've set a default file location in the settings page.
  • The title field is recommended for search engine and accessibility purposes.

Settings options

  • The player includes the ability to automatically turn all MP3 links into an audio player instance. Simply check the "Replace all mp3 links" checkbox on the settings.

Host your audio offsite at SoundCloud

SoundCloud Embed an audio file using SoundCloud.

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