Live Transcription with Zoom

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Zoom has an automatic transcription service called Live Transcription that has been enabled for all Evergreen participants.

Use Live Transcription in a Meeting

The host needs to turn on Live Transcription in each meeting that is needed in.

  1. Click Live Transcript on the bottom Zoom Toolbar
  2. Click Enable Auto-Transcription
  3. Transcripts will appear at the bottom of the Zoom window
    • To turn off Live Transcription Disable Auto-Transcription

Zoom Live Transcript Window

Participant Controls

Once Live Transcription is enabled in a meeting participants can choose how to view the transcripts.

  1. Click Live Transcript on the bottom Zoom Toolbar
  2. Three options will appear
    • Show Subtitles - displays subtitles at the bottom of the window
    • View Full Transcript - displays the transcript with speakers name and a timestamp in the Transcript window
    • Subtitle Settings - will open the settings to adjust the size of the subtitles

Zoom subtitle controls

Save Transcripts

  • Hosts have the ability to enable or disable the setting that allows participants to save the meeting transcripts.
  • This setting is for all of the hosts meetings. It can not be set for each individual meeting.

  1. Go to and sign in with your Evergreen account
  2. In the top left click Settings
  3. At the top click Meeting
  4. Click In Meeting (Advanced)
  5. Under Save Captions enable or disable the setting for Allow participants to save fully closed captions or transcripts


  • The Transcript window will replace the Participant and Chat windows
  • At the top of the Transcript window click the upside-down arrow and select Pop Out to convert to a separate window
  • Live Transcription is not available in breakout rooms.
  • Turning on Live Transcriptions does not create subtitles in the cloud recordings

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