Web Forms in WordPress

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Web forms let your viewers submit responses to a questionnaire you design.

Responses can be emailed to the site administrator and also reside on the WordPress server accessible via the Dashboard. Evergreen uses Formidable Forms as the WordPress forms plugin.

To set up a web form on your WordPress site:

  1. From the Plugins window, activate Formidable Forms
    • For advanced Forms functionality also activate Formidable Forms Pro (both plugins must be active for Pro features)
  2. Build your form in the Formidable section of your Dashboard. See Create a Form for step by step instructions.
  3. Embed your form into a post or page created beforehand using the “Add Form” button next to Add Media
  4. Form responses will be emailed to the site admin and will also be available in the Entries section of Formidable in the Dashboard


  • Hover over the "i" - information icon for in-app help
  • Refer to the Web Forms Best Practices for tips on developing your form

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