Zoom Security - Best Practices for Scheduling Meetings

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Zoom-bombing is a recent phenomenon that refers to bad actors dropping in and disrupting Zoom meetings. Here are some recommended best practices for keeping your meetings secure.

Protect Your Zoom Meetings

  1. Use a unique Zoom Room ID
    It can be tempting to create a room ID once and then re-use over again as if it were a persistent space. Be aware that the longer you use a Room ID the great the chance it gets discovered.
  2. Only share your room ID with the participants you want to attend - do not publish this ID public websites or distributing broadly via email DLs.
    explain here with link
  3. Protect your Personal Meeting ID (PMI)
    explain here with link
  4. Create a Waiting Room
    explain here with link

Additional Resources

See Zoom's Security page for additional information on Zoom's security features.

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