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Evergreen uses Zoom to support remote learning and video conferencing. Your faculty may use Zoom to host class lectures or to invite a guest lecturer to present to your class.

User Guides

Signing Into Zoom

  1. Go to evergreen.zoom.us and click Sign In
    • Every student gets a basic Zoom account that is limited to hosting 40 minutes meetings
  2. You will be prompted to sign in with your Evergreen account and password.
  3. When using the Zoom app click the Sign in with SSO button on the right to sign in with your Evergreen account and password.

Updating your Zoom Profile

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal, evergreen.zoom.us, and click Profile. Your Zoom profile allows you to update your user information, including your name, personal meeting ID, email address, and more.
  2. Customize your profile according to your program agreements by following these instructions.

Profile Picture: To add or change your profile picture, click Change, then adjust the crop area on your current picture or upload a new one. You can also delete your profile picture by clicking Delete.
Name: To change your name, click Edit on the right side. You can also add other profile information including Department, Job Title, Company, and Location.
*It is recommended that you add your preferred pronouns after your last name.

TIP: See FAQ towards bottom of this page for troubleshooting common issues.

Installing the Zoom App

  1. Go to evergreen.zoom.us/download
  2. Click the Zoom Client for Meetings link visible at the top of the window.
  3. Run the installer on your computer.
  4. Launch the Zoom application on your computer.

Launching a Zoom Meeting from Canvas

Step 1: Log into Canvas

  1. Log in to https://canvas.evergreen.edu with your evergreen email and password.
    • Note: The Chrome browser works most reliably.
  2. Within Canvas, navigate to the course.
  3. In the course homepage, find the session.
  4. Click on the Zoom link within the schedule.

Step 2: Launch Zoom in the Zoom Client

  1. Launch Zoom in the Zoom Client
  2. When prompted click Open Zoom.us in the Open Zoom.us window.
  3. This will automatically open the Zoom Client on your computer and join the Zoom session

Participating in a Zoom Meeting

Connect to Audio
You can join audio by computer (recommended) or by phone. To connect to computer audio:

  1. Click Join Audio.
  2. Choose Join Audio by Computer to connect your computer’s speaker and microphone to Zoom.

    • We recommend that you mute your audio, unless talking, to avoid background noise for other participants.

Connect to Video
To activate your video:

  1. Click Start Video to activate webcam.
  2. Click Stop Video to stop the webcam.
  3. Select the up arrow to review video settings.
    • If you are experiencing frequent video buffering, try turning your video off.

View Participants and Raise Hand

To participate via Participants:

  1. Click Participants. This will open the Participant panel.
  2. Click the Raise Hand icon to let the instructor know you have a question. Click it again to lower it.
  3. Click More to see additional controls.

Chat with Participants

  1. Click Chat to activate the Chat panel.
  2. Type a message and select Return to instant message with other participants.

Breakout Rooms

Your faculty will most likely use breakout rooms to create opportunities for small group interaction within a large group setting.
To participate in breakout room:

  1. Select Join when the Breakout Room invitation appears.
  2. Feel free to turn on your audio and video to facilitate social presence while in the room.
  3. Click Return to Main Room to rejoin the large group.

Zoom FAQ

Do I need a Zoom account to join a meeting?

No, a Zoom account is only required if you want to host a meeting. You do not need an account to attend a meeting when you are following a link.

Do I need a Zoom account to access Zoom recordings available at our class Canvas site?

Yes -- make sure you are logged in with your Evergreen account at https://evergreen.zoom.us.

Can I host my own meeting?

Yes, Zoom Basic accounts are free and allow meetings up to 40 min. with multiple attendees. One-on-one meetings are not limited to 40 minutes. You can go to evergreen.zoom.us and sign on with your Evergreen account a password.

How can I set a profile picture when my video is turned off?

Once you create a basic account at evergreen.zoom.us, you can add a picture to your profile.

My profile photo is not displaying when I have video turned off.

  • You have to be signed in to the Zoom app (mobile or desktop) BEFORE joining the meeting
  • You need to use the Zoom desktop or mobile app rather than via web browser
  • You need to have set a profile photo via https://evergreen.zoom.us (sometimes setting it in the app doesn't sync properly)

When I attempt to view a Zoom cloud recording, I see a message: "You cannot view this recording. No permission."

  • The recording settings limit who can view the recording, and the account you are currently signed in with is not permitted to view it.
  • Make sure you are signed in with your Evergreen account:
    • Click the square avatar in the upper right corner of the screen, which may show a letter or image.
    • If the account shown does NOT end in "@evergreen.edu":
      • Click Sign Out
      • Navigate to https://evergreen.zoom.us and sign in to your Evergreen account
      • Try to access the recording again
    • If the account shown DOES end in "@evergreen.edu," see the information below:
  • If you still cannot access the recording, but you think you should be able to, contact the host/your faculty. They may need to adjust the sharing settings.

Learning more about Zoom

See Zoom's Help Center for instructions.

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