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Frequently asked questions about using WordPress at sites.evergreen.edu.

How do I make sure that the pdfs of readings I upload are for students in the program only, and not the general public?

Answer: Files can be set to protected when uploaded to the Media Library first. See: Protected Files - WordPress

How do I make the site publicly visible when I'm ready?

Answer: To Publish your site from the Dashboard go to Settings > Reading and set the Visibility to Allow or Discourage Search Engines (either option makes the site publicly viewable)

We'd like to add TAs as administrators on the site, so they can add pdfs and content. How do we add them in this role?

Answer: To add TAs as admins to your site, from the Dashboard go to Users > Add New – or you can email Academic Computing their names and we're happy to add them as admins to the site.

Is there any way to see the history of the emails I have sent through Wordpress using the Email Users plugin?

Answer: No, the Email Users plugin does not keep a copy of emails sent out to users. We recommend using the Post Notification feature of this plugin instead and modifying your workflow around announcements to students. See: Email Users - WordPress