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It's common for teams and departments on campus to manage a shared inbox together. If you’ve been added to a shared inbox, you can open the inbox through your outlook email with Evergreen.

Accessing Outlook via the Windows Desktop App

  1. Open Outlook. If this is your first time opening the application, you may need to sign in with your my.evergreen credentials.

  2. Click 'File' In the top left corner. This will open a menu.
    Shared Inbox Windows step2.png

  3. Select the box labeled 'Account Settings' to open the dropdown menu.
    Shared Inbox Windows Step3.png

  4. Select 'Account Settings' from the menu. This will open the Account Settings menu.
    Shared Inbox Windows Step4.png

  5. Click on your Evergreen email address to select it from the list. Then, click 'Change'.
    Shared Inbox Windows Step5.png

  6. Click 'More Settings' in the bottom left corner.
    Shared Inbox Windows Step6.png

  7. Click the 'Advanced' tab' at the top.
    Shared Inbox Windows Step7.png

  8. Click the 'Add' button on the right.
    Shared Inbox Windows Step8.png

  9. Enter your shared inbox address. Type in the email address of the shared inbox you are trying to access. Remember to include "".
    Shared Inbox Windows Step9.png

  10. Select 'Ok', then 'Ok' again.

  11. Exit the windows by clicking 'Next' then 'Finish' then 'Close'.

  12. Verify the inbox opened. On the left of your Outlook window in your navigation pane, the shared inbox should be listed under your regular inbox. Click on the inbox name to access.
    Shared Inbox Windows Step12.png

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