Lab Use Guidelines - Multimedia Lab

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  • All media labs are closed for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020.  
  • We can provide remote assistance with media software and media production for academic projects.
  • To reach us, email
  • Some software resources are available off campus.


Library 1404, 360-867-5455

  • The MML is available for academic use for all currently enrolled students, staff, and faculty.
  • The MML has 13 workstations and three 24-hour Video Editing suites.
    • The three 24-Hour access Video Editing suites require a proficiency, which can be scheduled with the MML Intern.
  • The Multimedia Lab does not require a proficiency but make sure to check with the lab aides about the file management and scheduling procedures.
  • The three 24-Hour access Video Editing suites require a proficiency, which can be scheduled with the MML Intern.
  • The lab is a shared facility and requires that patrons be responsible for their own materials and file storage.
  • Students working on large projects are encouraged to purchase an external hard drive.

Scheduling Time

  • To schedule time come to the lab during open hours or go to Media Loan in L2504. You can also call us at 360-867-5455 (MML) or 360-867-6253 (Media Loan).
  • Standby users can schedule up to 1 week in advance, up to 8 hours per week, 4 hours per day.
  • Walk-ins must reserve station at time of arrival. You must be scheduled on a station to work on it.
  • Students in media programs can schedule time based on their allocation up to a month in advance.
  • The 24-hour Video Editing suites can be reserved at Media Loan and you must check out keys from Media Loan to gain access. Return the keys promptly following the end of your work session.

Punctuality & Showing Up

  • You may lose your time if you are more than 15 minutes late.
  • You are expected to contact the MML if you are going to be late to cancel or reschedule your time.
  • If you are repeatedly late or absent you will temporarily lose access until you consult with a staff member.
  • Severe misuse or violations will result in a conference with staff and your faculty to restore access privileges.


In the MML check in with a lab aide when you arrive. In the edit suites sign into the logbook and write down any problems that you have.

Computer Logins

  • Use your Evergreen account name and password to login to the computers.
  • At logout all application preferences are reset.

All Workstation Overview

  • The MML has 13 main stations that are 5K 27" Retina iMacs with 3.60 GHzz 8-core i9 processors, 24 GB of Ram and with 8GB of VRAM
  • Each station has a second l 22” LCD monitor.
  • The Video Editing suites have have 27" Retina iMacs with 4.0 GHz quad core processors and 24 GB’s of Ram.
  • The lab also features one conversion station that can transfer from VHS, DVD, cassette and records.


Check our website for the most updated and detailed list.

  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Digital Performer 9
  • Ableton Live 10
  • Max/MSP/Jitter
  • Max for Live

File Management

  • Never work on files directly from a server.
  • Create a folder on the desktop with a meaningful name.
  • Save your work to that folder.


  • Program shares on Orca are for project storage and are managed by the academic program.
  • Drag your files from Orca to the desktop.
  • Eject a server when it is no longer in use.
  • Delete files from the server when they are no longer needed.

Checkout Items:

We have manuals, books and a variety of accessories available for checkout for use inside the lab.

  • Midi keyboards
  • Headphones and splitters
  • Drawing tablets
  • Portable scanners
  • Firewire & USB cables
  • Porto-Drives – Firewire drives for short-term storage.

Leave time at the end of your session

  • The lab may be closing or someone may be waiting to use your workstation.
  • These activities take time- please take this into consideration and be courteous!
  • Transferring files onto a server, Storage or external drive (up to 1/2 hour each way)
  • Rendering or building preview. (This can take up to several hours).
  • If you are not fully finished with your session before the lab closes or another user’s time starts you could be evicted from the station. You are responsible for managing your time.

What not to do

  • Install new software, attempt to copy applications, or mess with the system folder.
  • Change hardware configurations, switch cables, hook or unhook equipment. Ask a lab aide for help!
  • Delete files other than your own. (You should ask a lab aide to free up space.)
  • Eat or drink at workstations or leave your food beverages on at the center table.

What to do

  • Make a folder on the the desktop drive with your name on it and save all your files within.
  • Clean up your old or obsolete files to free up space for other users.
  • Clean up your trash from the lunch table.
  • Be nice to the lab aides. They are there to help you.

End of Quarter

  • All files student files on the computers will be deleted.
  • All files on the Porto-Drives will be deleted.
  • All keys must be returned to Media Loan.

Conversion Station

  • The Conversion Station is an older computer located in the back on the MML.
  • It can capture from VHS, DVD, cassette and turntable.