Getting Started with Zoom

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Zoom provides video conferencing, screen sharing and messaging across any device.

Getting Started

Zoom is free for anyone invited to attend a meeting. Zoom accounts are available by logging in to with your My Evergreen login and password. If you'd like to host a meeting for your class or college-related business see below.

About Zoom Accounts

  • Zoom Basic accounts are available for Evergreen members and allow meetings up to 40 min. with up to 100 attendees. One-on-one meetings are not limited to 40 minutes.
  • Zoom Pro accounts allow for meetings longer than 40 minutes and can host up to 300 participants.
    • All faculty are automatically assigned a Pro account.
    • Staff or students needing a pro account can request one at
    • Please only request a Pro account if you need to host a multi-participant conference longer than 40 minutes.


Zoom accounts are available for all students by logging in to with your My Evergreen login and password. For more about using Zoom in the classroom see: Zoom for Students.


First time using Zoom in your Canvas course

Using Zoom

Pre-Assigning Participants to Breakout Rooms

  • Zoom guide: Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms
    • Go to/sign in at
    • In the menu at left of the page, click “Settings”
    • At the Settings page, under the “Meeting” heading, click “In Meeting (Advanced)”
    • At the “Breakout room” setting, check the box to “Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling” -- that action should just auto-save.
    • Go back to the Canvas site to schedule a meeting and pre-assign participants.


  • Zoom Basic accounts are available for all staff members by logging in to with your My Evergreen login and password.
  • If you require a Zoom Pro license you can request it from the Tech Support Center by submitting a help ticket.

Using Zoom

See Zoom's Help Center for instructions.

Join a Meeting

Zoom Accessibility Notes

Zoom and Special A/V Requirements

If you have more complex requirements, such as a large-audience broadcast webinars, please make a support request with Electronic Media. See also: Zoom for Public Events

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