Mediaworks - Premiere Pro pt 2

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File Management Review

  • Do not work directly from Orca.
  • Make a folder on the Desktop with a meaningful name.
  • Make sub-folders called
    • Video
    • Stills
    • Premiere_Files
    • Audio
  • Within thew subfolder make additional folders as necessary.
  • Copies all source files to the appropriate folders before importing to Premiere.
  • File Management Steps
  • Importing Media article

AVCHD files

  • Files from the HXR camera are in the AVCHD format.
  • It's really a folder of many files but on the macOS it appears as a single bundle.
  • Do not rename or mess with the contents of the AHCHD file.
  • Premiere will know how to interpret the AVCHD bundle.

Video Effects

Using Effects