Media Labs Proficiency Process

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  • Electronic Media has a variety of labs which require a proficiency test before they can be used.
  • All of the labs are for academic use only.
  • Students might need to be enrolled in an academic program or individual learning contract with a media fee.
  • The Multimedia Lab is a staffed lab and has similar scheduling procedures but does not require a key or proficiency to use the lab.

Media Proficiencies Canvas Course

  • We use a Canvas course to help with proficiencies.
  • Each year we set up a new course named with the current academic year.
    • For example, Media Proficiencies 2023-2024
  • Certain programs are auto enrolled in the Media Proficiencies Canvas course.
  • If you have an academic need to use a space and are not in a media program fill out the Media Lab Proficiency Request Form linked below.

Lab Proficiencies

The proficiency process involves completing the appropriate proficiency module in our Media Proficiencies Canvas course. Some labs also then require a hands-on component.

These spaces include:

Media Lab Proficiency Request Form

Media Labs Usage Policy

  • Our labs are available to currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff to complete academic related projects.
  • Some labs might require students to be enrolled in a specific academic program or individual learning contract with a media fee.
  • All users must complete the lab proficiency before scheduling the labs.
  • Recreational use, or use resulting in personal or monetary gain is strictly prohibited.

For more information on our policies please read the Media Labs Access Policy and Scheduling General Access Media Labs.