Mediaworks 2021 - Premiere Pro 2

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Adding and using effects

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Adobe Tutorials

  • Add effects
    • Visual effects and transitions
    • Includes sample files
  • Ultra Key
    • Chroma Key effect
    • Includes sample files


Position and Scale

  • Scale to frame size vs Set to frame size
  • Use Set to frame size to match sequence size
  • Adjust scale and position of a clip

Add an Effect

  1. Add a blur to an clip
  2. Open Effects Controls
  3. Adjust values
  4. Keyframe values
  5. Show keyframes in the Timeline

Add a Mask to an Effect

  1. Add a blur to a clip
  2. Add a mask to only blur one face
  3. Adjust mask feather
  4. Demonstrate motion tracking

Chroma Key

  1. Add a clip and a green screen clip to the Timeline
  2. Add Ultra Key to green screen clip