Schedule a Zoom Meeting via the Web Portal

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Learn how to schedule a meeting using the Zoom web portal at

Schedule a Meeting

  1. Sign in to with your My Evergreen login and password.
  2. From the Meetings page choose Schedule a Meeting
  3. Set the topic, date, time and duration.
  4. Additional meeting options can most likely be left to the default settings but make sure of the following security best practices:
    • Do not use your Personal Meeting ID (unless this is a private meeting with trusted colleagues)
    • Enable a Waiting Room for added security
    • Video > Participant should be set OFF - so as not to surprise
    • Mute participants on entry
  5. Click Save to finish

Share your meeting invite link

Once you save your newly scheduled meeting an Invite Link will automatically be generated. Copy and paste where needed to share with participants.


Would you like a doorbell function? Get notified when someone enters your waiting room. Enable a chime in a Zoom meeting

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