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Jabber is the original instant messaging service based on XMPP, the open standard for instant messaging (AKA chat), and one of the biggest nodes on the open Jabber network.

Evergreen has installed a Jabber IM service locally on our internal network to facilitate a functional IM service for administrative and academic uses. Using Evergreen's Jabber services requires using/installing a local client application on your computer, and configuring it to connect to the Evergreen Jabber service using your Evergreen credentials. Listed below are some help articles specific to connecting to Evergreen's Jabber services from various desktop clients, including details on how you can use the Jabber services for your academic program.

Please note: Employees of the college using this service please keep in mind that they are bound by the State of Washington Public Records Act (RCW 40.14) and that the information stored as part of a chat log or transcript is a discoverable public record.

Chat client Mac OS X

We recommend Adium. For instructions on setting up Adium see Adium Chat Client for Mac OSX. You can also use iChat which comes with the MacOS. Instructions for setting this up are at IChat for Mac OS X. Please note: iChat cannot be used for chatrooms that are protected with a a password.

Chat client for Windows

we recommend Pidgin. For instructions on setting up Pidgin see Pidgin Chat Client for Windows

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