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Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean to use OneDrive at Evergreen? What about my office share drives on Hurricane?

OneDrive at Evergreen will eventually replace what is commonly called your (H) drive or personal drive on the server called Hurricane. You should use it in exactly the same way as you use your (H) drive today. Save your college documents here as you work on them or to store them. Storing your documents in OneDrive ensures that they are securely backed up and available to you from any browser. OneDrive allows the college to comply with public records retention and requests. Don’t worry, our Microsoft contract covers all of the legal compliances that we’re subject to. See Microsoft's Trust Center.

You are certainly able to share your documents from OneDrive with others who have Evergreen credentials. Sometime soon, you will also be able to share documents within Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams allows work groups to share documents that are owned by the work unit as a whole. Everyone in the work unit can share and contribute without needing to do individual sharing of documents and folders. Your current work unit file shares in the server called Hurricane and online at will reside in Teams instead. Teams also allows the college to comply with public records retention, requests and legal compliances.