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Individual Study at Evergreen is designed for students who are prepared to study at an advanced level, have already completed basic work in the classroom, have the ability to work independently, and are prepared to develop their own syllabus for the quarter.
Sponser help articles for faculty
*[[Faculty Sponsor Guide]]
*[[Faculty: Approving a Contract]]
*[[Providing Feedback On a contract]]
ILC and ILT help articles for students
*[[Accept Conditions]]
*[[Collect Feedback On Your Contract]]
*[[Due Dates and Deadlines]]
*[[Human Subject Review Contracts]]
*[[Register Your Contract]]
*[[Status Definitions for Individual Study]]
*[[Student: Internship Contract Guide]]
*[[Student: Obtain Approvals]]
*[[Students: Field Supervisor and Sub Contractors]]
*[[Students: Individual Study Quick Start Guide]]
*[[Study Abroad Contracts]]
====All Individual Study Pages====
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[[Category:Individual Study]]
[[Category:Individual Study]]

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