Images in Wordpress

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Learn to insert images into your Posts or pages.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Storing Images in your WordPress Media Library

Uploading Images To Wordpress

  1. While editing your post or page, place the cursor in the page where you'd like the image inserted.
  2. Click on the Add Media button (figure 1) and select an image from your computer (Select Files)
  3. Customize the image size, alignment, caption
  4. Click Insert into post

Adding Alt Text to Images

  1. In the Page or Post, click on the image once to highlight it.
  2. From the pop-up mini-menu, click on the Edit (pencil icon) button.
  3. At the Image Details page, enter a description of the image in the Alternative Text field.
  4. Click the blue Update button in the lower right corner to save.