Mediaworks 2015-2016 - Premiere Pro 2

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Merge Clips

Effects and Transitions

Speed and Duration

Subsequence and Nest

  • Subsequences allow you to merge a section of clips in to another sequence.
  • Sequences can be added to other sequences to help organize clips or to add an effect to a selection of clips.
  • In the Timeline select a group of clips, right-click and select Nest... or Make Subsequence.
    • Nest will make a a subsequence and replace the video tracks with the new sequence.
    • If any audio is selected it is part of the new subsequence but it doesn't replace the audio tracks in the original sequence.
    • Make Subsequence makes a new sequence and adds it to the Project panel this can then be added to another sequence.

Chroma Keying

Titles and Captions

Color Correction