Proper List Format

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How to create accessible lists.

Both numbered lists and bulleted lists can be included in your web page (e.g. Canvas, WordPress, etc) to indicate key points and ideas. Lists can also inform screen readers of the reading order and importance of your content.

Typically, when information needs to be presented sequentially or ordered, it is best to utilize numbered lists.


Evergreen promotes student learning through these 5 foci of learning:

  1. Interdisciplinary Study
  2. Collaborative Learning
  3. Learning Across Significant Differences
  4. Personal Engagement
  5. Linking Theory with Practical Applications

If the order is not important, you can use a bulleted list.


Famous Alumni of The Evergreen State College include:

  • Lynda Barry (cartoonist and author)
  • Josh Blue (winner, 2006 "Last Comic Standing")
  • Matt Groening (creator of the "The Simpsons")
  • Dr. James Moore (Director, Harvard Law School's Open Economics project)