Mural Project - Premiere Pro

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Adobe Software

  1. Sign into
  2. Download and install the Creative Cloud Desktop app
  3. Sign into the Creative Cloud Desktop app with your evergreen account.
  4. Install Premiere Pro

File Management

  • Make a folder on your Desktop or in your Documents with a meaningful name.
  • Make sub-folders called
    • Video
    • Stills
    • Premiere_Files
    • Audio
  • Within thew subfolder make additional folders as necessary.
  • Copies all source files to the appropriate folders before importing to Premiere.
  • File Management Steps
  • Importing Media article

Premiere Pro

To review Premiere Pro here are links to some article and videos


Basic Editing Tutorials


Premiere Pro has a variety of audio and video effects that can be used to change or modify the audio or video clips.

  • Audio and video effects can be added to clips
  • Many parameters of the effects can be adjusted over time with keyframes
  • Adding Effects to Clips wiki article
  • Add effects Adobe tutorial
    • Visual effects and transitions
    • Includes sample files


The Essential Graphics panel can be used to create title or graphics. They can be static or have motion to them


To share a rough cut or final edit you need to export the project to a video file.