Tips for Providing Barrier-Free Access

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Web Accessibility Guidelines


Use properly formatted headings to structure a page.

  • Headings help to organize content, making it easier for everyone to read. Headings are also a primary way for people using screen reading software to navigate a page of text.


Format lists as proper lists.

  • Formatting is conveyed to assistive technologies and mobile devices so they can present information as it’s meant to be presented. Properly formatted documents are more understandable and accessible.


Write meaningful link text.

  • Links embedded in text should describe the link's destination. This helps all users navigate more efficiently, especially screen reader users.


Create tables with column and/or row headers, and ensure a proper reading order

  • Why Column Headers in a Data Table are Important

Using table headers is important to conveying tabular data accurately.

  • Why the Reading Order in a Table is Important

Screen readers read tables from left to right, top to bottom, one cell at a time (& only once). If cells are split or merged, it could throw the reading order off which may make the table difficult to comprehend by users who are blind and using a screen reader to navigate.