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If you need AV help, we have 3 classroom support options:

  • Dial – ext. 6270 or call (360)867-6270
  • Start a help
  • Self Guided help – the room pages at the end of this wiki page, right here where you are reading.

7:30 to 4:30 weekdays Technology Help Desk dispatches Classroom Support to be there as soon as possible.

After 4:30 and on weekends Phone calls are converted to help tickets Please describe the problem in detail. Expect a follow-up the weekday after we receive the ticket.

If you need to schedule more than just classroom support help, please contact Media Services through the Production Request form.

Things to know:

Most rooms without a podium do not have a built-in computer.

  • We recommend bringing your own laptop when possible.
  • For rooms with an Auxiliary Interface, there will be an HDMI input with cable, and a VGA jack with a cable that includes a miniplug for sound.
Many modern laptops, tablets, and mobile devices require an adapter to connect
  • If you don't have a HDMI or VGA port, you will need the correct adapter in order to project.
  • Information about most laptops is available on the manufacture's support website.
  • The Help Desk at LIB 1604 can also help you find out what adapter you need.
  • Media Loan carries an assortment of adapters for many laptops, including USB-C and Mini DisplayPort.

Key Checkout for Media Cabinets and Podiums

Here are Guides for Classroom and Podium Use: